Venice July 2 - 6
Antti and Elsa at CDG after arriving from Seattle and rushing through the airport to the terminal/gate where our flight to Venice was departing Getting on our flight The narrow alley on which our apartment was One of the many bridges close to our apartment. This one led to Campo Santa Margherita, a square lined with restaurants and shops and also a grocery store hidden in a corner. Rio de Santa Barnaba with part of Chiesa Santa Barnaba visible. Vessels with fruits and vegetables were open here every day.
20180702 162853006 iOS Looking in the opposite direction on the canal Walking around the area close to our apartment Canal Grande from the Rialto Bridge  DSC7829 00001
 DSC7833 00001  DSC7835 00001  DSC7845 00001 Rialto Bridge Walking from the Rialto area towards the canal. This is Campo Manin with a statue of Daniele Manin, considered by many a hero of Italian unification. The statue faces Manin's home and has a winged lion (symbol of Venice) at the base.
Campo Sant'Angelo with the bell tower of Santo Stefano in the background. The Santo Stefano bell tower is leaning because of an earthquake in 1906. Crossing Rio de Sant'Anzolo Rio Terra Foscarini Finally close to a vaporetto stop!
Catching a vaporetto from the Zattere stop, which is on the Giudecca Canal in front of the Santa Maria del Rosario.  DSC7869 00001  DSC7871 00001 Several ferries from Croatia arriving in Venice Elsa on the vaporetto, This ride turned out to be a pretty long one and took us to Piazzale Roma around the west side of Venice.
Rio del Malcanton: one of the canals next to our apartment. View from the Ponte della Costituzione, the bridge that goes from Piazzale Roma to the train station. View from the steps of the Santa Lucia train station Vaporetto leaving the Ferrovia stop (in front of the train station) Gondolas parked along the Grand Canal. Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore in the background.
 DSC7925 00001 San Marco square in the evening A quick thunderstorm during our second night in Venice produced some rain. Our apartment had a tiny outdoor space. It was actually very pleasant to sit there early in the morning before it got too hot. Elsa in the kitchen
On our way to visit the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute 20180704 072558000 iOS Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore The church from the inside. Antti and I went to the top of the bell tower.
San Marco and the Doge's Palace seen from the San Giorgio Maggiore bell tower 20180704 073740938 iOS  DSC7969 00001 20180704 073900776 iOS  DSC7977 00001
 DSC7976 00001 20180704 073753000 iOS  DSC7979 00001 View across the canal from Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore  DSC7991 00001
The clock tower on the north side of Piazza San Marco. The clock face Piazza San Marco 20180704 083541490 iOS Harry's bar, next to the San Marco Vallaresso vaporetto stop, was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway.
20180704 084504223 iOS 20180704 084525885 iOS Campo San Toma On the Canal Grande, going towards Rialto View towards Rialto Bridge from the San Silvestro vaporetto stop
Basilica di San Marco  DSC8019 00001 Stopping for coffee and tiramisu at Caffe Del Doge Walking through Campo di San Silvestro on the way to the vaporetto stop. Fortunately they have signs on buildings pointing at the vaporetto stops, otherwise I wouldn't have found the small pathway to the stop. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - the Frari church - looks fairly plain on the outside.
 DSC8030 00001  DSC8033 00001  DSC8034 00001  DSC8036 00001  DSC8039 00001
The Pesaro Madonna by Titian. - Choir stalls and the altar The altar has another painting by Titian  DSC8058 00001
Looking towards the entrance 20180705 122459060 iOS  DSC8069 00001  DSC8072 00001  DSC8077 00001
 DSC8080 00001  DSC8085 00001  DSC8090 00001  DSC8093 00001  DSC8094 00001
Taking the vaporetto to San Marco on our last evening in Venice Palazzo Salviati with a large mosaic on the façade. Views from the Basilica di San Marco belltower 20180705 184403550 iOS  DSC8118 00001
 DSC8124 00001  DSC8125 00001 20180705 184828804 iOS One more walk around town before getting on the train to Firenze. Leaving Venice