Sunset in Florence on the evening when we arrived there. Picture taken from the terrace on the roof of our apartment. View south, towards the other side of the Arno river where Boboli Gardens and other such places are. On the morning of our second day in Florence we walked to the Duomo Walking around the church, trying to find the ticket office. Need to use a fisheye lens because the church is so big and there are buildings all around it.
The Duomo and the Baptistery, as we are leaving the ticket office. Inside the baptistery  DSC8180 00001 Elsa going up the stairs of the belltower. The baptistery seen from the first level of the belltower
20180707 084932145 iOS The dome of the church IMG 0534 Stopping at one of the three intermediate levels  DSC8191 00001
 DSC8193 00001 Looking straight up from the first level. Inside the Duomo  DSC8213 00001  DSC8217 00001 01
 DSC8219 00001 Ponte Vecchio seen from Ponte alle grazie, the bridge closest to our apartment Visiting the Uffizi Gallery 20180707 144415349 iOS 20180707 144903308 iOS
20180707 144944979 iOS 20180707 150421929 iOS  DSC8221 00001  DSC8222 00001 20180707 152011676 iOS
 DSC8223 00001 Palazzo Vecchio Ponte Vecchio seen from the Uffizi Gallery "David" by Michelangelo at the Galleria dell'Accademia 827 00001
There was a nice display of musical instruments, this one a cello by Antonio Stradivari. - 847 00001 851 00001 853 00001
856 00001 859 00001 861 00001 867 00001 875 00001
877 00001 879 00001 882 00001 After an hour train ride from Florence to Pisa, we walked to the leaning tower. On the way we crossed the Arno river. Getting close to the tower...
20180708 135803979 iOS The cathedral 890 00001 908 00001 916 00001
918 00001 Johanna and Antti entering the tower 929 00001 Antti and Johanna at the top of the tower. Many people taking pictures of themselves "leaning" against the tower
Back in Florence: Ponte Vecchio Walking on the Ponte Vecchio 20180707 161312666 iOS