The trees

I spent a lot of time chopping wood this year, here's the reason why.
Two large trees, each about 120 feet tall, in our front yard that we want to remove because of all the sap, pine needles and pine cones that they launch into our yard. The tree guys started working in late March by cutting the branches off first. 20170327 174624950 iOS 20170327 215008083 iOS 20170328 012026998 iOS
20170328 012119460 iOS 20170328 213634297 iOS After two long days of work, both trees are nearly cut down. We also got a lot of woodchips! Some of the rounds were pretty big.
20170409 233840363 iOS 20170409 224518041 iOS Piles of wood everywhere... 20170422 010922935 iOS 20170429 203651831 iOS
By early May we're starting to get a handle on things Stacks of wood forming in the back yard And finally in August there are only four (out of aobut 200) rounds left to split! The front yard in September 20170902 014500789 iOS