Pictures throughout the year

Lindor Several trees fell down in our yard because of the heavy snow and storms Snow at the end of February! 20170227 171536630 iOS 20170206 204710000 iOS
Start of a sunny day in March 20170316 175258799 iOS 20170405 010031915 iOS Cats have discovered Elsa's bookcase Hendrix on top of the refrigerator
20170506 234015811 iOS Flying to San Jose Apple Parking lot robot at Microsoft We bought a new car in May
Cats resting on Elsa's bed Celebrating Maria's birthday 20170515 014055175 iOS We went to a Mariners baseball game in May Flowers blooming in our yard around Memorial Day weekend
Antti's trumpet recital in June Music school piano recital 20170610 224454292 iOS 20170617 031127294 iOS 20170617 234719765 iOS
20170625 025629396 iOS It got pretty warm towards the end of June Cats waiting for dinner Some of our tomato plants 20170811 013208258 iOS
20170813 203813805 iOS Hazy conditions in Seattle because of all the forest fires towards the end of the summer Replacing the shed roof in September before the rainy season starts 20170916 232609612 iOS 20170918 012552928 iOS
Still pretty warm at the end of September 20171003 184649825 iOS Snow in November 20171103 204515722 iOS Got the storage unit emptied at the beginning of November
Nice fall colors even at work Had to go to LA in mid-November to renew my passport. This is part of the beach in Santa Monica. 20171113 010450909 iOS  DSC6867 Cats wondering about the Christmas tree
105 Celebrating Elsa's birthday 121 133 143
145 20171223 181056534 iOS At Snoqualmie Pass on the eve of Christmas eve Christmas Eve 191
Snow on Christmas Eve! Christmas Day 20171225 170650647 iOS 20171225 170656900 iOS One of our Christmas gifts
20171227 205243627 iOS 20171228 080448017 iOS 20171231 011829227 iOS 20171231 013149026 iOS