Pictures throughout the year

Early January skiing/snowboarding: going up the central express P1050478 Crossing the old 520 bridge Antti and Tuomas at Peter and Molly's apartment Got into an accident in late January
Car was totalled Elsa in the hospital in February WP 20160204 19 27 54 Pro Skiing/snowboarding at Alpental WP 20160207 15 21 39 Pro
WP 20160207 15 21 42 Pro Aaron, Cameron and Mia at the Swedish Club DSC 0771 WP 20160220 11 58 11 Pro Tuomas in his suit on a Monday morning
Elsa playing on the computer Early spring Rock formations (piles?) at the Bellevue botanical garden DSC 0851 Tuomas snowboarding down 360
20160331 024836555 iOS 20160331 024854768 iOS Visiting the "tank museum" 20160403 203012059 iOS 20160403 203039116 iOS
20160403 203549251 iOS 20160403 204811289 iOS 20160407 181806171 iOS Cherry trees blooming in April  DSC0910
Birthday party for Antti and Johanna  DSC0946 20160412 224457702 iOS At Grasslawn park on a warm April afternoon 20160423 234122796 iOS
View of Seattle from the Swedish Club Sara Pajunen playing at the Swedish Club Tuomas flying his copter 20160501 020318692 iOS 20160501 020323062 iOS
Visiting Golden Gardens Park on the 1st of May  DSC0994  DSC0999  DSC1041 20160501 211613699 iOS
 DSC1060  DSC1073  DSC1083  DSC1092  DSC1094
Anttu on Mother's Day, visiting the Ballard Locks after church service.  DSC1106  DSC1123 Elsa playing at the music school spring piano recital The traditional group pose after the recital
 DSC1156 Peonies in  our backyard in May  DSC1168 Our backyard and brand new outdoor dining table At Tank Fest 2016
 DSC1193  DSC1207  DSC1228 Antti and Ryan  DSC1241
20160530 203714243 iOS Antti playing at the string recital Very warm day in early June Playing in the nearby park 20160510 022033958 iOS
20160605 201312886 iOS Antti's 6th grade band playing at Sammammish High School 20160611 042656448 iOS 20160611 042843577 iOS Opening of the new Airpark a.k.a. Aviation Pavillion at the museum flight
20160619 203549645 iOS 20160619 203559512 iOS 20160619 203608352 iOS  DSC1255 Birthday party for Tuomas
 DSC1272  DSC1277 Antti practicing guitar  DSC1302  DSC1316
 DSC1323 20160625 035719477 iOS