Paris July 3rd - 6th
Leaving Seattle on July 2nd on an IcelandAir flight to Reykjavik and from there to Paris. Bellevue and 520 bridge going across Lake Washington to Seattle 20160703 011338302 iOS Forest fires somewhere in northern Canada Over Hudson Bay
Getting off the plane in Reykjavik. It was pretty windy out there! 20160703 080631640 iOS View from the apartment we stayed at. It was in the 8th Arrondissement, slightly inconvenient because of the longish walk to everywhere but otherwise fine. On our way to the Louvre  DSC1325 00001
20160704 081919217 iOS  DSC1327 00002  DSC1328 00003  DSC1330 00004  DSC1338 00005
 DSC1344 00006 Crowd in front of the Mona Lisa, but ... ... you can see Tuomas in the front taking a selfie! IMG 1768  DSC1349 00009
 DSC1353 00010  DSC1360 00011 Outside the Louvre Walking towards the Jardin des Tuileries  DSC1375 00015
Antti, Elsa and Tuomas taking a break while Mom was still enjoying the Louvre 20160704 100245120 iOS  DSC1382 00017  DSC1386 00019  DSC1388 00020
 DSC1532 00050 Catching the metro back  DSC1404 00022 Walking back to the apartment Later that day we visited the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
 DSC1405 00023  DSC1408 00024 Great views from the top after walking up the 280 or so stairs. 20160704 150010528 iOS  DSC1414 00025
20160704 150259639 iOS 20160704 151038696 iOS IMG 1828 20160704 150930255 iOS  DSC1452 00032
 DSC1455 00033  DSC1462 00035  DSC1464 00036  DSC1469 00037 Walking past the Eiffel Tower. We didn't have tickets to go up and the gardens around the tower were closed because of the UEFA EURO 2016 soccer tournament.
 DSC1490 00040 So we walked along the Seine  DSC1492 00042  DSC1495 00043  DSC1498 00044
Pont Alexandre III  DSC1509 00046  DSC1511 00047 Pont Alexandre III with the Grand Palais in the background  DSC1526 00049
Notre Dame  DSC1544 00052  DSC1558 00053