Waiting for the fireworks to start at the Mercer Island Summer Celebration The barge with the fireworks being moved in place Finally the show starts  ND21888  ND21902
 ND21903 Part of our backyard after lots of weeding and other work  ND21929 Tuomas and Elsa playing Risk Andrei playing
Elsa building something out of blocks Antti having a snack  ND21960 Andrei getting water from the refrigerator ... and dumping it in the sink
 ND21970 Elsa at Grass Lawn Park Visiting the Museum of Flight: The SR-71 Blackbird with its drone. A Flying Tigers' P-40 The museum's World War II area
B-17 outside the museum Downtown Seattle just before sunset  ND22075 Going for a hike with Antti Going backpacking with Tuomas a couple of days later - Tuomas taking a break
P1020835 We found a spot for our tent! P1020733 Cooking dinner The next morning was very sunny
P1020788 Stitch Toasting bagels for breakfast Tuomas playing Survival Craft on his phone in the tent Heading back to the car P1020836
P1020834 Tree growing from an old stump Lake Hills Blueberry Farm Elsa and Antti picking blueberries on labor day weekend P1030007
P1030011 The Wake a.k.a. "bacon" at SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park. Encontro das Águas (Encounter of Waters) at the Olympic Sculpture Park.