Playing at Grasslawn Park in Redmond on New Year's Day: Elsa on a slide ND2 8795 Tuomas coming down a much bigger slide And Antti running down the same slide Playing on the swings at Grasslawn Park
ND2 8827 ND2 8829 Snow! The kids got a couple of days off from school because of a mid-January snow storm. P1000488 Johanna holding a snow "cap" that had covered a plant.
Johanna, Tuomas and Antti building a snow fort. The kids look blurry because of the long exposure time required for taking the picture at night. More snow fort building. Johanna's mutant snow walrus. At Snoqualmie Pass with Tuomas Tuomas
P1010170 Drying the floors and walls after a broken water heater leaked water into the house while we were on vacation P1010139 Inside the Embassy Suites hotel one evening - we stayed there for 4 weeks while floors and walls in our home were dried and repaired.