Playing outside sometime in April GOPR0026 Elsa at a nearby playground Elsa getting ready for her ballet performance After the performance
Mothers' Day picnic at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle Masts of sailboats in the Shilshole Marina in the background Trying to fly a kite... but it wasn't windy enough and there were lots of people at the beach to watch out for Elsa
Tuomas resting in the sun and the sand Antti preferred a shadier place Camping in Winthrop on Memorial Day weekend Antti, Tuomas and Johanna eating breakfast ND2 9779
Johanna, Antti and Kelly having fun carting around the campground Elsa is complaining that the car is too small for Johanna Tuomas and Antti Looking across the Methow River from our camp Elsa and Tuomas reading in the tent
Lunch time ND2 9818 Elsa at the playground Roasting marshmallows ND2 9856
ND2 9873 Antti playing at the music school's spring concert Tuomas Group picture of the kids who played in the same performance as Antti, Tuomas and Johanna Spring performance at Lake Hills Elementary
LakeHills stitch ND2 9904 ND2 9910 ND2 9916 End of the school year celebration at Elsa's pre-school
ND2 9932 Visiting the flight musuem once again