Camping trip to Tillamook, Florence and Rogue River
On our way to Tillamook Roasting marshmallows at Cape Lookout state park Tuomas and Antti walking on the beach Playing soccer at the beach  ND20712
 ND20721  ND20744 Antti Elsa Visiting the Tillamook Air Museum
The Tillamook Air Museum building is a WW II blimp hangar. This map shows the locations of other such hangars in the US. Boeing/Stearman PT-17 Grumman J2F Duck Looking into the hangar F-14A Tomcat
 ND20776 Grumman TBF Avenger Vought F4U Corsair On our way to the Tillamook Cheese factory Inside the cheese factory
Going to the beach again P1010889 Tsunami debris warning Elsa playing in the water Antti, Tuomas and Elsa in the water
Elsa jumping over waves P1010832 P1010852 Building somethinb out of the sand P1010883
Tuomas at the Cape Lookout campground Sunset at the beach Cooking dinner at the Honeyman Memorial state park just south of Florence  ND20837 Johanna at the Oregon dunes
The campground was right next to the dunes Elsa with her artwork Playing cards Cleawox lake with the dunes on the opposite side of the lake Sunrise at Honeyman Memorial state park
Elsa having breakfast Antti emptying sand from his shoes  ND20907 Elsa making faces Our toaster
 ND20923 Setting up camp at the Valley of the Rogue state park, south of Grants Pass Elsa, Antti and Tuomas playing at the shore of the Rogue River Somebody had built a wading pool from stones, but the water was so cold that we didn't feel like wading, let alone swimming, in it Antti reading the latest news from the Grants Pass Daily Courier
Visiting the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill  ND20946 Antti standing on the exact spot where "a North-South Terraline crosses an East-West Terraline"  ND20949 Waiting for the guided tour to start
 ND20954  ND20955  ND20959 The House of Mystery: originally a gold assay office built in 1890, later used as a tool shed until it slid off its foundation. The tour guide demonstrated several of the strange things that happen at the Vortex inside this building. On the other side of the mystery house a strange shift in persons' heights was demonstrated