Approaching Honolulu - Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head visible beneath the clouds Pearl Harbor in the center of the picture Taxiing to our gate at Honolulu International Waiting for our flight to Kona Elsa at the dining table one our first evening
Backyard of the rental house in Captain Cook Driving on the road from Kona to Captain Cook ND2 9608 The road to our rental house was pretty narrow Street sign next to the rental house
Our rental house Playing cards Upstairs Tuomas and Antti in their room ND2 9563
Elsa the photographer... A Gecko in an Aloe Vera plant A bird in the same plant The rental house see from the beach in the evening ND2 9259
Driving through a lava field towards Captain Cook on the Puuhonua Road. Visiting the Kona Coffee and Fruit Garden - a local farmers' co-op ND2 9509 ND2 9510 ND2 9513
A banana plant ND2 9536 ND2 9540 ND2 9534 ND2 9555
St Benedict's Painted Church in Captain Cook, built in 1899 The church is known for its paintings by Father John Velghe who, without any professional training, painted the interior over a period of 4 years at the beginning of the 20th century ND2 9568 Cain and Abel-with great anguish and violence The vaulted ceiling
The Handwriting on the Wall at the Feast of King Belshazzar. The wall next to the image says in Hawaiian "Ua Emi Loa Oe Ua Pau Kou Aupuni / Make No Ka Pono" literally, "You are found wanting. Your kingdom ceases. Should die." Walking towards the cemetery ND2 9589 ND2 9591 The gate for our flight to Honolulu
Walking to our plane Taking off from Kona: the runway is in the middle of a lava field Landing in Honolulu