Walking to Manini beach in Kealakekua Bay which was right next to our house The beach was mainly lava rock Tuomas, Antti and Elsa at Manini beach for the first time Tuomas and Antti waiting for a wave ND2 9148
The white marker on the opposite side of the bay is the Captain Cook Monument, which is roughly the location where Captain Cook was killed in 1779. Antti playing with one of the local kids ND2 9165 ND2 9171 ND2 9172
ND2 9175 ND2 9176 ND2 9179 ND2 9182 P1000697
P1000725 P1000774 P1000770 P1000771 Hapuna Beach
Elsa at Hapuna P1000943 Antti boogie boarding at Hapuna Beach P1000613 Tuomas and Esko
P1000652 Esko and Tuomas waiting for a big wave P1000679 ND2 9242 Elsa building a sand castle
P1010079 P1010063