Almost in Amsterdam, then another flight to Helsinki. The view from our hotel room in Helsinki ND2 0107 The Hakaniemi area of Helsinki with the market on the right ND2 0113
At the market The white buidling in the background is the Helsinki Opera building ND2 0122 The hotel we stayed at Looking down into the Hotel's breakfast area from our floor
At the Kauppatori market ND2 0143 Johanna walking along the Esplanadi ND2 0148 ND2 0150
The view from the hotel's sauna University of Helsinki buildings Tuomiokirkko - the Helsinki Cathedral Inside the cathedral ND2 0193
Senaatintori - Senate Square A government building next to the cathedral ND2 0196 Hakaniemi and our hotel viewed from the opposite side of the channel Buildings in the Kruunuhaka area of Helsinki
ND2 0223 ND2 0224 ND2 0228 ND2 0230 Säätytalo - House of the Estates - housed the three commoner estates of the four estates of the realm of Finland. The estates were superseded at the 1906 parliamentary reform by the foundation of a single chamber parliament. The parliament settled elsewhere, leaving Säätytalo for secondary usage.
The Bank of Finland The cathedral seen from the south side of the Senate Square with the statue of Alexander II in the foreground. The Helsinki central railway station The Finnish National Theatre next to the railway station The theater with a statue of Aleksis Kivi, a Finnish author who in the 19th century wrote the first significant novel in Finnish, Seitsemän veljestä (Seven Brothers).
Inside Temppeliaukion kirkko Aaron playing in Temppeliaukion kirkko Aaron and Satu  ND20582 Kansallismuseo - the National Museum
The Parliament building  ND20636 Finlandia Hall Hakasalmi Villa next to Finlandia Hall is from the 1840s. At the time of my visit it had the "Made in Helsinki" exhibit. At the "Made in Helsinki" exhibit, which displayed crafts and designs from Helsinki from 1700 to 2012. Here is a piano made by one of eight piano manufacturers in Helsinki in the 19th century.
The cafe outside the exhibit advertised a cup of coffee for 6 marks (the old Finnish currency which hasn't been in use for a decade) Kiasma, the Helsinki museum of modern art in the center, with Helsingin Sanomat newspaper building in the back on the left. The new music building or concert hall in Helsinki Inside the new music building Looking towards the central railroad station in downtown Helsinki
Narinkkatori and the Kamppi shopping center The Kamppi Chapel, next to the Kamppi shopping center. It was surprisingly quiet inside the chapel. The new walk/bikeway that follows the path of the old railway that went from the central railroad station to the old harbor in Jätkäsaari. Our car back in its underground storage waiting for our next vacation.