Waiting for our tour bus in Hanko  ND20508 The youngest member of the tour One of several Hanko beaches  ND20524
The Emigration Monument in Hanko. Roughly 400,000 Finns emigrated between the years of 1865 and 1930 and most of them departed Finland on a ship from Hanko. Names of municipalities where emigrants came from are engraved in the monument The emigrants' hotel - now an apartment building - was the location where many who left Finland stayed prior to their travel to the US and other countries Listening to the guide tell us about the history of the area  ND20531
The warehouse at the Hanko harbor through which emigrants passed before boarding a ship in the 19th and 20th centuries. A memorial set up by Russians. 453 Russian soldiers who died during WW II are buried next to the memorial. The Hanko water tower, which has an ovbservation deck at the top Panorama of Hanko from the water tower Looking east from the water tower
Hotelli Regatta The water tower and the Hanko church Inside the church Inside the city hall where our concert was Matteus and Aaron before the concert