Taking off from Renton for a flight over Snoqualmie Pass New 737s at Renton field P1020018 Flying over Summit West on our way back to Renton P1020048
Visiting the Jubilee Farm in Carnation to get some pumpkins Antti making faces at the photographer on the tractor ride This pumpkin field looks pretty empty! There were lots of people, but fortunately there were frequent tractor rides from the pumpkin patches back to the main farm area Tuomas and Antti pointing out their pumpkins
 ND21025 Tuomas about to toss his pumpkin Back at the farm Pumpkins waiting to be carved Janice and Elsa drawing designs for Jack-o'-lanterns
 ND21059  ND21063 Amy working on one of the smaller pumpkins Antti playing Minecraft and ignoring everything else  ND21070
 ND21073  ND21076 Halloween in our neighborhood  ND21083  ND21089