Antti taking a break from sledding. Antti sliding down a hill he and Tuomas made ND2 6470 Area around our neighborhood. In February the snow pack in Helsinki was about 80 cm deep, which is nearly four times the average. Here is a park bench nearly entirely covered under the snow with only the top edge visible.
Road to the Leposaari Island next to Kulosaari. THe sign says that use of motor vehicles is prohibited on the sea ice. Antti playing outside The Wihuri building on Kulosaari. Kulosaari sailing club facilities with Laajasalo in the background.
Statue of Alexander II with the Helsinki Cathedral in the background The "Bock house" in downtown Helsink. Completed in 1763, it was initially the residence of the Bock family but later was used by the Swedish, Russian and Finnish governments. Reflection of the cathedral in the glass door of the Bock house. Plate on the Bock building stating that "The Helsinki City Council met in this building for the first time on January 12, 1875. Looking east along Aleksanterinkatu
A traffic mirror on the corner of Aleksanterinkatu and Katarinankatu The oldest stone building in Helsinki, the Sederholm house ND2 6561 Looking north on Katarinankatu Helsinki City Hall
"Keisarinnankivi" statue marks the spot where Nikolai I (Emperor of Russia) and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna disembarked from their steam ship on their first visit to Helsinki in 1833. The Swedish embassy is in the background. Uspenski Cathedral, the largest orthodox church in Western Europe, and the Enso-Gutzeit (now Stora Enso) headquarters. A Silja Line ship docked in the harbor. The blobs in the foreground are seagulls sitting on the ice. View along Pohjois-Esplanadi street in Helsinki Leposaari Island next to Kulosaari
Looking towards the area of Kulosaari where we live Elsa at the ice skating rink next to the Helsinki central railroad station Elsa, Tuomas and Antti at the skating rink Elsa at the Police Museum in Tampere ND2 6771