Pictures from the summer after moving back to the Seattle area
The whole family in one picture for the first time ever!? This was taken in our temporary apartment in Kirkland. Visiting the Woodland Park Zoo in early July for the first time in a long time. This is the penguins' new home. Taking a break to eat something. The dinosaur exhibit. ND2 8144
Tuomas realizes what he's sitting on... Tuomas and Antti climbing on the zoo's spider web - one of their favorite play areas of all time. ND2 8150 Climbing in trees ND2 8179
Elsa also climbing in one of the trees ND2 8198 Tuomas and Antti climbing in an inflatable toy at the Mercer Island summer celebration a week after the 4th of July weekend. Elsa, Antti, Johanna and Amy waiting for the fireworks to start. The Virginia V steamship passing by Luther Burbank Park.
ND2 8216 ND2 8262 ND2 8264 ND2 8267 ND2 8277
Moving truck arriving at our home in Bellevue on Friday, August 5th. Chaos in the kitchen (and elsewhere) after all of our stuff arrived. Waiting to go flying with Esko Taking off from Renton Field ND2 8380
ND2 8390 ND2 8403 ND2 8404 ND2 8406 ND2 8407
Flying around the summit of Glacier Peak ND2 8430 ND2 8436 ND2 8439 ND2 8441
ND2 8448 ND2 8454 Returning to Renton: Woodridge is in the foreground, downtown Bellevue behind it. The 520 floating bridge is visible in the top-left. Seattle is in the backgroud with Mercer Island and I-90 in the left-center. Renton Field
ND2 8487 Playing at the Hillaire Park close to our home: Antti eating some ice cream pieces while Elsa explains something to Tuomas. Elsa climbing Tuomas balancing on a large ring ND2 8537
ND2 8540 ND2 8554