Going to Stockholm for a day by ship
Elsa in ship's playing area Leaving Helsinki ND2 6841 Some ice still remained in the sea Antti and Tuomas playing with Legos in our cabin
Tuomas playing on an XBox in the kids play area The main walkway in the ferry View from deck 11 where our cabins were Going for a walk in Stockholm's old town ND2 6926
ND2 6933 ND2 6939 ND2 6945 The boys eating "French dogs" - hot dogs in a baguette                                     
ND2 6958 A model of the Vasa ship at the Vasa museum The Vasa The bowsprit of the Vasa Replicas of some of the ship's sculptures that have been painted in what are believed to be the original colors.
Elsa, Antti and Tuomas at the Vasa museum Visiting the bridge on the ferry ND2 7022 On our way back to  Helsinki: kids playing in the cabin Busy shipping lanes: in front of us was a ship going to Estonia and on the left is a ship coming from Finland