Back at the Colosseum The Temple of Venus and Roma ND2 7928 Kids resting in the shade after a long walk through the Forum Elsa pushing Antti in the stroller along the Via Sacra
Tuomas in front of the Temple of Venus and Roma The Arch of Titus ND2 7883 ND2 7882 ND2 7892
ND2 7889 The House of the Vestals ND2 7894 Stautes of vestals More ruins around the House of the Vestals
ND2 7876 ND2 7880 ND2 7863 The church of Santa Maria Antiqua Walking on Vicus Vestae towards the Atrium Vestae. The Temple of Vesta is in the foreground.
Elsa pointing at what used to be fountains in the Atrium Vestae. Entering the Roman Forum. The ruins of the Basilica Fulvia-Aemelia are in the foreground. The building in the background is the Curia, the first Roman Senate House built in 44 BC. ND2 7813 Walking towards the Curia with the Arch of Septimius Severus in the center and the Temple of Saturn to the left of the arch. Looking towards the Palatine. The Temple of the Divus Julius is in the center.
The Temple of Saturn ND2 7822 ND2 7836 ND2 7835 ND2 7834
ND2 7832 Inside the Curia Antti and Tuomas at the base of the Temple of Saturn Elsa walking on the same steps