Johanna and Kimia in church at the end of September talking about their confirmation camp in Finland ND2 8575 ND2 8577 Our neighborhood on Halloween Jack-o-lanterns at our door ready to greet trick-or-treaters
ND2 8594 ND2 8593 ND2 8595 Tuomas playing a video game before going trick-or-treating The neighborhood later at night
The neighborhood seen from one of the upstairs rooms in early November. Elsa playing on a computer in our kitchen. In the foreground is the kids' "castle" made from moving boxes. Visiting the Seattle Aquarium Elsa looking at the jellyfish Tuomas being attacked by an octopus
Antti comparing is height to the length of a sixgill shark Finnish Choral Society Christmas dinner at the Finnish church in Seattle ND2 8737 ND2 8738 Tiernapojat
Santa's sleigh pulled by a Boeing 747 at the museum of flight Grandma and aunt Jennie visiting us on Christmas Day.