Pictures from winter-time Helsinki


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Elsa and Tuomas playing in the backyard during Christmas break It was too cold for making snowballs - they would fall apart when thrown Antti and Elsa inspecting the old snow man, which has turned into solid ice On a walk along the shore close to our home, looking at small cabins on the opposite shore from Kulosaari A marina in Herttoniemi. Note all the boats lifted from water and covererd with all sorts of tarps.
Two small islands north of Kulosaari The Wihuri building on Kulosaari The Kulosaari Kasino, a restaurant founded in 1915 View south from the island The Kulosaari cemetary
139 Going for a walk on the ice with Tuomas and Antti. It was a bit cold (-21 degrees) that morning. Antti sledding down a hill to the ice (that's covering the sea) Tuomas creating a new path for his sled in the fresh snow 196
The Helsinki Cathedral on the evening of Epiphany (January 6th), at the start of a light show that involved the church as well as several other buildings around it. 212 Cars leaving the Senate Square after the light show is over On the west end of Esplanadi, with the Havis Amanda fountain in the foreground Various government buildings west of the Esplanadi. The bluish building in the center is the Helsinki City Hall.
View from Tähtitorninmäki ("Observatory Hill") where Antti, Tuomas and Mikko went sledding on a very nice Saturday afternoon (sunny and about -15 degrees) Antti and Tuomas climbing up the hill, with downtown Helsinki in the background The old observatory (built in 1834) from which the hill has gotten its name Tuomas and Antti climbing up the hill once again Tuomas watching an airplane circling in the sky
Tuomas going down the hill Tuomas and Antti Antti skating at the Mustikkamaa skating area one evening Antti taking a break from skating and playing in the snow Elsa wishing she had skates
Antti and Tom the moose, who came for a visit from Antti's pre-school. Elsa, Antti and Tom Elsa with Tom 3063 Elsa, Antti and Tuomas looking at new Legos on
Small ski jump at Narinkkatori in downtown Helsinki Somebody getting ready to slide down and jump... 3083 3084 ... and landed right on the 5 meter mark
Chinese New Year's celebration event in Helsinki 3087 3088 It was sunny and clear for a change Elsa playing in the snow. We took a sled with us but she refused to sit in it, and insted pulled it herself most of the time.
3092 3093 3094 3095 Tuomas and Antti at the Tampere Police Museum (went there twice when visiting mummi at the end of February)
Tuomas and Antti driving a police car 3098 Antti at an island close to our home. We walked there over the frozen sea and played in the snow for quite some time. 4001 Tuomas and Antti climbing up a hill on the island; then they would slide down and repeat everything.
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