A weekend in Rimmi and a trip to Soini for a family reunion.
015 A panoramic view from the front door Amy and the kids picking blueberries 021 Elsa looking through her binoculars
030 Antti and Tuomas at the dock The boys going swimming 062 Warming up in the sauna
Johanna and Kelly playin 'Alias' Elsa playing with the school bus ... and lots of Duplo animals Antti and Tuomas building something out of Legos 085
086 Johanna resting upstairs Johanna, Elsa, Tuomas and Antti 121 Kelly joined our kids in the picture but Tuomas left
In Soini at a family reunion: Tuomas, Antti, Johanna and Kelly playing soccer 145 146 Tuomas and Elsa playing in the sand Grandpa, Paulus, Tuomas, Johanna and Kelly playing volleyball
158 160