Herttoniemen kartano

The Herttoniemi manor is located very close to our home. We visited it on a very warm August weekend.
Visiting the Herttoniemi Manor and its gardens It was a very warm day; Tuomas, Antti and Elsa taking a break from all the walking and eating some snacks. The "new" main building, built in the 1700s Inside the main building. The manor was once owned by Carl-Olof Cronstedt, who was the commander of the Suomenlinna fortress in front of Helsinki when it was surrendered to Russia in 1808. 082
Another owner of the mansion was count Augustin Ehrensvärd, whose life's work was building the Suomenlinna fortress. This room had furniture and art work from the time of Ehrensvärd's ownership. Elsa looking at the gardens from the 2nd floor balcony 097 096 095
Going downstairs and out in to the gardens for a tour