Playing inside and outside
Tuomas playing Burnout Paradise 005 Johanna on the Marymoor Park climbing rock 018 Elsa and Enska
238 Antti and Tuomas filling their water guns at the Crossroads water park 075 Enjoying some ice cream on a hot afternoon Enska waiting for somebody to throw the frisbee
Amy and Elsa at the Mercer Island Fourth of July fireworks 093 Elsa and Antti playing with light sticks while waiting for the fireworks show to start Tuomas Visiting Mario and his family: Robert watches as Elsa and Tuomas drive his car
Getting ready to play soccer 137 Robert 144 150
Antti, Johanna and Elsa looking at airplanes on granpa's trampoline Johanna, Elsa, Tuomas and Antti jumping on the trampoline 323 330 Simon the cat
Antti petting Simon Antti and Elsa sitting in a tree in Susan's yard ND2 4659 Antti and Johanna in the same tree A 787 taking off from Boeing Field. Picture taken through the fence at the Flight Museum's parking lot.