A visit to Jardin des Tuileries and walk along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées
Amy and Elsa on the carousel ND2 3121 Next stop:  trampolines ND2 3149 ND2 3144
ND2 3155 ND2 3157 Place de la Concorde ND2 3171 ND2 3183
ND2 3184 ND2 3192 ND2 3193 ND2 3217                                     
ND2 3229 ND2 3230 ND2 3234 ND2 3248 Johanna and Antti on their way to the train station
Walking through the Châtelet – Les Halles Métro labyrinth on our way to the RER B to Luxembourg. ND2 3259 ND2 3263 Elsa and Johanna waiting for the Métro ND2 3269
ND2 3271 Elsa on the train                                      ND2 3187