In May it started to get warm


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View from close to our home around sunset time (9:30 PM) in early May                                      Visiting the Suomenlinna fortress islands with Tuomas and Antti on Helatorstai (Ascension Day), which happened to be on May 13th this year. Crossing the bridge from Iso-Mustasaari island to Pikku-Mustasaari island. Antti is carrying his scooter as it didn't move very well on the cobblestone road. View back towards the "main" island roughly from where Antti was in the previous picture.
Tuomas and Antti scooting on Pikku-Mustasaari island. Naval academy buildings on Pikku-Mustasaari island. 41 Guns on the southern edge of Susisaari island. Tuomas and Antti playing on one of the cannons.
65 A sailboat sailing past Suomenlinna. A german cruise ship leaving Helsinki and going past Suomenlinna. A Silja Line ship leaving from Helsinki on its way to Stockholm. 94
Antti and Tuomas about to go inside the bunker on the right. An old cannon inside the bunker. 96 98 The "Vesikko" submarine, which unfortunately was closed to visitors on the day we were there.
Back at the ferry terminal, ready to go back home. Tuomas playing with his scooter while waiting for the ferry. It started to get very windy (and a bit later started to rain). The ferry finally arrives. The property across the street from our house. Construction of new homes will start soon.
Elsa with her bear Tuomas and his scout friends coming back to Kulosaari from a sailing trip 145 Playing outside on a Sunday afternoon Antti blowing bubbles for Elsa
Tuomas catching bubbles Elsa trying to hold on to the bubble bottle and her doll 224 227 229
Antti 237 Antti throwing the giant disk... ...then waiting... ... and finally catching the disk again
View from the bridge between Kulosaari and Mustikkamaa Boats at the Mustikkamaa marina Mustikkamaa Marina with Kulosaari in the background on the left 004