Snow in the neighborhood in early December ND2 6134 Elsa having fun in the snow ND2 6157 Antti
Antti and Tuomas building a snow cave ND2 6198 More snow kept falling... Looking east on Kulosaaren Puistotie Driving in downtown Helsinki in mid-December
Cabin in Ähtäri that we rented for Christmas Minna and the boys on Lake Ouluvesi A view of the cabin from the lake                                      Antti running on the lake
Elsa watching a video of her pre-school's Christmas celebration                                      A composite picture from inside the "kota" that was next to the cabin Esko and Minna in the kota Esko, Minna and Kirsti
Elsa and Antti playing in the snow at the Mustikkamaa ice skating area Antti Tuomas skating away from the photographer