Pictures from around our house and Helsinki in April
Elsa in our backyard on the last weekend of April. It's no longer cold, but not terribly warm yet either. 018 019 Aleksanterinkatu, where Mikko, Tuomas and Antti waited for tram 3T to get to Kaivopuisto. On the northern edge of Kaivopuisto park. The building visible in the picture is the Kaivohuone restaurant, which dates from the 1830s.
Looking south towards the Baltic Sea along Puistokatu street. The playground at Kaivopuisto... ... which the boys skipped in favor of the large rocks behind it. Switching to soccer with Tuomas. 055
Antti wasn't very excited about soccer... The old observatory located on the highest point of Kaivopuisto. It was built in 1926 and is in use by Ursa, the Finnish Astronomical Society. The observatory was open to the public for viewing the sun, but it closed right as we decided to go for a visit. A panorama of the view towards the sea from the observatory. The boys playing on the rocks and small cliffs in Kaivopuisto
097 109 113 The house across the street being demolished. Two new homes will be built in its place this summer. A nearly full moon as seen from our house in late April.
Playing soccer (or football, as the boys now call it) with Tuomas and Antti 203 Taking a break from football - Tuomas walking along the shore of Kulosaari. Tuomas with "Leposaari" island in the background; the Kulosaari cemetery is located on that island. After 5 days the house across the street is gone.
Another view (towards the demolished house) from the second floor of our home. Antti and Tuomas playing with Legos before going to bed. 261