We spent a sunny afternoon at the Suomenlinna fortress island, just south of Helsinki
Walking towards Kauppatori where the boat to Suomenlinna docks The Suomenlinna ferry dock Amy, Elsa and Antti waiting for the ferry On the ferry, going past Valkosaari and Luoto. ND2 8371
Suomenlinna buildings Antti walking on one of the main roads of Suomenlinna. The fortress was built in the 18th century to protect Helsinki. The Suomenlinna church Elsa, Antti and Tuomas eating lunch in the shade. Elsa walking around a memorial
ND2 8395 Exploring parts of the fortress Tuomas on the southern edges of the main island where many of the canons are located ND2 8419 Antti and Tuomas sitting on a Suomenlinna canon
ND2 8426 ND2 8442 A Silja Line ship arriving from Stockholm ND2 8473 The Suomenlinna ferry getting back to mainland