View towards Gamla Stan or the "Old City" part of Stockholm, which dates back to the 13th century The Royal Palace, which is the official residence of the Swedish monarch. ND2 9801 ND2 9809 The Grand Hôtel - Nobel Prize laureates and their families typically stay at this hotel
ND2 9797 Enjoying ice cream while waiting for the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts to open National Museum of Fine Arts ND2 9821 ND2 9824
View back towards the Grand Hotel from the steps of the Royal Palace The National Museum of Fine Arts as seen from the Royal Palace ND2 9828 ND2 9829 Narrow cobble stone streets in the old city
ND2 9836 Johanna pops into a picture taken at Stortorget ("The Big Square") More Stortorget buildings. This is the oldest square in Stockholm and the historical centre around which the medieval town was built. Grillska huset ("The Grill House"), named after the goldsmith Antoni Grill who bought the building in the 17th century. ND2 9844
ND2 9846 ND2 9849 The Royal Palace Johanna taking a picture of her and Antti's feet ND2 9856
ND2 9857 ND2 9860 ND2 9861 ND2 9868 ND2 9869
Elsa running around in circles Walking through the narrow streets of old Stockholm ND2 9878 ND2 9883 ND2 9886
Back at the Royal Palace after dinner, and on our way to our hotel ND2 9890 ND2 9891 View from the hotel room Taking an old tram to Djurgården where the Vasa ship is
The large, dark building in the background is the Vasa Museum ND2 9909 ND2 9910 Tuomas and Antti in the play room on the ship going back to Helsinki ND2 9914
In the Swedish archipelago, on our way back to Helsinki Another ship following us, probably going to either Helsinki or Tallinn (Estonia) ND2 9932 The hallway on deck 11 where our cabin was Going past the island of Rindö
Tuomas and Antti playing minigolf on the ship ND2 9939 ND2 9942 ND2 9944 ND2 9946
ND2 9947 ND2 9955 ND2 9959 ND2 9963 ND2 9965
ND2 9967 ND2 9968 ND2 9977 Tuomas and Antti back in our cabin after playing in the water park and sitting in the sauna ND2 9984
Getting close to Helsinki ND2 9994 Suomenlinna fortress ND2 9998 Passing Kustaanmiekka island and Kuninkaanportti (the king's entrance to the fortress)
ND2 0003 Suomenlinna church tower A Viking Line ship and a harbor speed boat behind us Islands in front of Helsinki Helsinki
ND2 0037 ND2 0034