Visiting friends and family in the Seattle area in June/July
Tuomas at the Helsinki airport waiting for our flight to Seattle Antti also eating his ice cream at the airport Elsa in Bellevue Tuomas getting ready for bed in Bellevue Buckley and Enska waiting for Tuomas to toss the ball
Elsa telling the dogs where to go 082 Johanna's turn to play with the dogs Elsa having fun Enska
Visiting Chris and his family in Redmond Tuomas and Antti playing with David Antti scooting around 193 195
Elsa trying to keep up with the boys 204 206 208 213
215 220 225 Flying past North Bend and Mt Si on our way to Electric City, WA The Alpental parking lot and surrounding mountains
Tuomas flying in the co-pilot's seat 258 Mount Stuart Mountains north of Stuart: Colchuck Peak, Dragontail Peak, Little Annapurna, McClellan Peak. Prusik Peak can also be seen in the background. Wenatchee and the Columbia River
290 Tuomas throwing a stick into Banks Lake at the campground next to the Grand Coulee Dam Airport... and Enska going after the stick Esko, Antti, Tuomas and Enska 309
It was plenty warm at the campground. The airport is in the background. Watching another plane approach and land 329 Checking out the crew car Opening the gate on our way to the store in Electric City
350 364 365 Cooking dinner 373
379 382 383 ND2 9034 Banks lake
The runway at the Grand Coulee Dam airport ND2 9043 ND2 9044 ND2 9051 Grand Coulee Dam
ND2 9057 Tuomas and Antti walking around at Crown Point State park ND2 9059 ND2 9069 ND2 9075
ND2 9081 Enska pulling Tuomas back to the shore ND2 9099 Pike Place Market Amy, Elsa, Tuomas and Antti waiting in line for donuts
ND2 9107 Tuomas and Antti at Victor Steinbrueck Park, next to Pike Place Market The former WaMu building and other Seattle buildings Elsa in the Surrey Downs park ND2 9153
At Safeco field watching a Mariners' game with the boys ND2 9159 Andrew and Tuomas watching the game ND2 9170 Tuomas practicing basketball
ND2 9123 ND2 9127 ND2 9134 Tuomas' birthday party ND2 9180
ND2 9182 ND2 9184 ND2 9186