View from close to our home on Kulosaari towards Herttoniemi ND2 0125 Visiting the flight Museum close to Helsinki. The green plane in the foreground is a Polikarpov UTI-4, a Russian training plane captured during the second world war. Tuomas sitting in a Cessna 150 and Elsa waiting to try it out too Antti loking at an old telex machine
Going onboard a Convair 440 Metropolitan. It was the first pressurized plane used by Finnair. Same Convair that the boys climbed in ND2 0197 Tuomas drawing a Messerschmitt Antti at the Kaivopuisto playground in downtown Helsinki
ND2 0218 Antti and Tuomas at Kaivopuisto ND2 0234 Birds looking towards the playground in Kaivopuisto Going for a walk in Kulosaari on a nice, sunny autumn day
Kulosaari sailing club and the Wihuri building in the background The Wihuri building, which was originally a hotel and operated as a hospital during the second world war. View to the east (towards Laajasalo) from Kulosaari Apartment and condominium buildings in Herttoniemi Eugen Schauman park on Kulosaari
Walking from the Eugen Schauman park back to where we started ND2 0374 Villa Granfelt, home built for Allan Granfelt and his family in the early 1900s when Kulosaari was being inhabited. Mr Granfelt bought the entire island of Kulosaari from the widow of Johan Cronstedt in 1907 and soon after that a corporation (Ab Brändö Villastad) was founded for the purpose of creating a new living area on the island. Elsa and Antti helping to rake leaves Antti jumping into the pile of leaves
ND2 0429 Elsa at a park close to home ND2 0448 Antti playing at the park Looking at the Kulosaari Domus building from the playground. The building was built in 1915 and originally had apartments and office space.
ND2 0476 ND2 0483 Walking across the bridge from Mustikkamaa to Korkeasaari zoo on a wet, windy November Sunday Elsa at the zoo Elsa sees something interesting
Amy, Antti and Tuomas ND2 0518 Going for a walk in Helsinki on Finnish independence day (December 6th). This is the old observatory building close to Kaivopuisto. Another view towards the observatory on top of "Tähtitorninmäki" or "Observatory Hill" View towards downtown Helsinki: Tuomiokirkko Cathedral and  Helsinki City Hall (the blue building in the foreground) are the most visible buildings
A Silja Line ship waiting to leave for Sweden A sculpture named "Haaksirikkoiset" or "Shipwrecked" on Tähtitorninmäki ND2 0137 ND2 0138 ND2 0140
ND2 0141 ND2 0142 ND2 0151 ND2 0156 ND2 0166
ND2 0173 ND2 0184 ND2 0326 ND2 0328 ND2 0333
ND2 0334 ND2 0345 ND2 0347 ND2 0360 ND2 0370
ND2 0371 ND2 0379 ND2 0380 ND2 0383