Christmas at Minna's home in Rovaniemi
Tuomas, Elsa and Johanna at Minna's home in Rovaniemi Watching TV ND2 0622 ND2 0630 ND2 0633
Minna's home Huge piles of logs at the train station ND2 0654 Tuomas throwing an airplane from upstrairs Antti and Elsa collecting the planes
Going for a visit to Arktikum ( Arktikum is a museum about the way of life, culture and history of the North Kirsti, Antti and Tuomas going to the downstairs exhibits Johanna looking at an exhibit related to ice Tuomas and Antti trying out different kinds of sun glasses
Tuomas wearing eye protection used by some Inuit Making Christmas cards at the museum Elsa and Antti with their new dogs