Flowers in our front yard in early June  ND24154  ND24162  ND24173  ND24268
Tuomas, Andrew and Antti in Andrew's backyard Antti talking to Sandy The performers at a Pacific Northwest School of Music summer piano recital Antti at the Zoomazium in Woodland Park Zoo Elsa at the Zoomazium
Butterflies at the zoo's exhibit  ND24248  ND24249 Amy, Antti and Elsa getting a close look at the fountain at Seattle Center Tuomas and Antti at a piano bench
Fountain-3 Elsa  ND24330 Somebody is hiding in the tree... Tuomas biking at the "boat park"
 ND24390 Elsa at the "boat park" playground Elsa very proudly taking steps with assistance from Antti's firetruck  ND24426  ND24428
Esko washing a plane at Renton field A seaplane being transported to the water An unusual looking plane - happens to be a 1967 Wickham B C/N 1 Elsa with her kitty Elsa riding on the firetruck in front of our house on a very warm June evening
 ND25076 More flowers in our garden  ND25110  ND25296 Another visit to the zoo to see butterflies, ...
... zeebras and giraffes, ... ... and something in the Zoomazium Back a the "boat park", one of the kids' favorite parks  ND25172  ND25177
 ND25178  ND25187  ND25243 Johanna at the Microsoft Picnic in July Elsa 8EM4178
Tuomas 8EM4169  ND25584