Antti playing in the Zoomazium at Woodland Park Zoo Antti on the Zoomazium elephant  ND23034 Tuomas and Antti at the boat park Antti-at-the-park-1
Antti-at-the-park-2 Antti-at-the-park-3 Antti-at-the-park-4 Antti-on-swing-1 Antti-on-swing-2
Antti-on-swing-3 Antti-on-swing-4 We visited Dash Point State Park during the last weekend of April. We were hoping to fly kites, but there was almost no wind on the Puget Sound that day, but the kids had fun anyway. Tuomas getting some water from a nearby stream. Johanna walking on the shores of Dash Point during a low tide.
Dash-Point-3 Johanna, Tuomas and Antti building a sand castle. Dash-Point-5 Tuomas with Johanna, Antti and Johanna's friend Kelly in the distance. Dash-Point-7
Tuomas digging his feet into the sand/mud. Antti, Tuomas and Andrew playing outside  ND23412 Elsa enjoying a really nice, warm spring evening on the deck Antti getting a drink from the fountain at the "white park"
Tuomas riding his bike at the park Climbing on the slide  ND23714 Antti climbing in the spider web at the zoo Elsa in her stroller
Elsa looking at something at grandpa's house Mommy reading a story to Antti and Tuomas Elsa reading a map