Camping trip to Long Beach, WA and Nehalem Bay, OR in June
Johanna at Waikiki Beach in Cape Disappointment State Park. Cape Disappointment lighthouse North Head lighthouse as seen from Benson Beach Walking towards Benson Beach (in Cape Disappointment State Park) from our camp site The last hill before reaching Cape Disappointment lighthouse
Cape Disappointment lighthouse Johanna and Tuomas flying kites at Long Beach Antti flying a kite View towards Benson Beach from the North Head lighthouse Antti walking towards the North Head lighthouse
Johanna going up the stairs of the lighthouse Antti at Waikiki Beach Pelicans catching fish Our camp site at Cape Disappointment State Park Antti, Tuomas and Johanna playing with legos
 ND24777 Elsa sitting in her chair Warning signs at Long Beach The boardwalk at Long Beach  ND24800
Gray whale skeleton at Long Beach Elsa walking back to the car The beach at Seaside, OR Johanna on a swing at the Seaside beach Elsa on a swing
View towards Manzanita and Nehalem Bay from Neahkahnie mountain. Our campsite is almost on the beach, close to the center of the picture. Kids singing and dancing before going to bed  ND24854 Our campsite at Nehalem Bay State Park campground conveniently was next to a playground On our way to visit the cheese  and  ice cream factory in Tillamook
Going to the beach at Nehalem Bay The dunes and the beach at Nehalem Bay state park  ND24924  ND24936  ND24937
Elsa at our campsite with wearing her new hat Johanna jumping off the swing Sunset at the beach  ND24984  ND24985
Tuomas, Elsa and Johanna at the playground Elsa giggling as Tuomas gives her a push  ND25013  ND25037 On our way back home: lunch break at Grays River (next to "Shipwreck river" as named by Antti).
Johanna entertaining Elsa by singing one of Elsa's favorite songs Standing on top of the one and only picnic table at Grays River, WA