Winter 2007 - 2008


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Tuomas reading his book in the park  ND22608  ND22614 Antti thinking about what to do next Tuomas and Antti with Esko
Antti at the site of the bomber crash (at the Seattle Flight Museum) Antti taking off in his plane...  ND22580  ND22581 The Concorde at the Seattle Flight Museum
 ND22596 Antti-02-17-08b Elsa practicing putting her hat on Elsa-02-17-08b Elsa-02-17-08c
Snoqualmie Pass area Antti waiting for the monorail at Seattle Center  ND22288  ND22290 Tuomas and Antti playing at the "blackberry park"
 ND22303 Antti trying to give Enska some snow while going for a walk with the dog at Rattlesnake Lake 145 148  ND22127
 ND22247  ND22248 Antti-02-17-08a Antti-02-17-08c Elsa-02-17-08d
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IMG 7228 IMG 7229 IMG 7230  ND22661