Camping at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon on the 4th of July weekend
Fort Stevens is located in the northwestern corner of Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River (it's marked by a red circle on the map). We camped there for three days in early July. Shipwreck Beach at Fort Stevens state park. Antti playing at the Fort Stevens beach. Johanna and Tuomas digging a moat for their sand castle. View south from the Fort Stevens beach (the landmass in the distance is Tillamook Head).
Antti uittamassa venettä Tyynessä Valtameressä Oregonin rannikolla  Antti playing in the water with his boat. View from Ecola Point towards Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach Sea Lion Rocks at Ecola Point. Tillamook Rock lighthouse.
Johanna back at the beach on a sunnier day. The wreck of the Peter Iredale, which ran ashore in 1906 while sailing from Mexico to Portland. Johanna standing in the waves. Tuomas Antti, Johanna and Tuomas jumping over waves.
Our campsite. Johanna leijan kanssa Oregonin rannikolla  Johanna after flying a kite on the beach. Bunkers at Fort Stevens Tuomas ja Antti Fort Stevensin bunkkereissa  Antti and Tuomas inside one of the bunkers.