Flight Museum

A visit to the Seattle Flight Museum at the end of April
View from the parking lot towards the entrance of the flight museum Green AV-8C Harrier II in front and a Boeing WB-47E Stratojet behind it. Antti looking at all the planes hanging from the ceiling of the museum Boeing 80A-1. The first Boeing 80 flew in 1928. It had room for 18 passengers, a heated cabin, leather seats, individual reading lights and hot and cold running water in the lavatory. The model 80 was also the first American plane to have stewardesses. DC-3 (Alaska Airlines) with a Lear Fan 2100 in front/below
The Lockheed M-21 Blackbird Antti and Tuomas at the "Flight zone" kids' play area Antti at the helicopter in the kids play area Antti and Tuomas in the kids' play area US Air Boeing 737-200 that has been turned into a theater
Swallow Commercial and Boeing B&W (the float plane). The B&W was the first airplane designed and built by Boeing. B&W stands for Boeing and Westervelt (Boeing and Westervelt founded Pacific Aero Products Co in 1916, but Boeing renamed the company after Westervelt left). Swallow Commercial Tuomas Antti