Pictures of Antti, Tuomas and Johanna
Antti watching Kielo Tuomas at the park close to our home Antti IMG 0231 Antti on a swing at the blue park (as the park became later named by Tuomas and Antti)
Johanna and Tuomas enjoying a nice early March day on grandpa's trampoline Trampolin Antti investigating our grill Antti and Kielo Johanna bicycling aroung the neighborhood
Amy and Antti Antti doing exactly the same thing that Tuomas did with this toy a few years earlier Antti at the Zoomazium Tuomas and Johanna sitting on a hippo Antti on a swing at the playground next to the zoo
Antti and his big smile Practicing riding the fire truck indoors. Later Antti would ride it outdoors a lot. IMG 2174 IMG 2175 Mommy reading an evening story
Antti playing Johanna's game IMG 2219a Carving pumpkins for Halloween IMG 2242 IMG 2247
Our four pumpkins Artwork by Johanna... Kuva004 ... and Tuomas Pendolino