Visiting Finland in July
Tuomas playing with the new airplane he got for his birthday at Rimmi IMG 1096 Somebody is rowing past Kohosaari The lake early in the morning Rimmi
Tuomas waking up Tuomas and Johanna at grandpa's cabin in Molpe View towards the sea from the cabin IMG 1139 Tuomas and Johanna at Särkänniemi amusement park
IMG 1166 Näsinneula Johanna floating in the water in front of Rimmi IMG 1195 One of mummi's cats
Tuomas on a walk to the mailbox to get the newspaper The road to Rimmi IMG 1272 Kalela - Akseli Gallen-Kallela's wilderness studio in Ruovesi Rimmi (well hidden behind trees) and the red sauna building as seen from the lake
Tuomas and Johanna getting drinking water from the well Tuomas testing his raincoat Tuomas and Johanna washing mummi's boat IMG 1313 Visiting Mikko, Eva and Kaneli
Minna's dog Jane Tuomas inspecting cracks in the asphalt in Rovaniemi Johanna and Minna playing at Santa Clause's home at the arctic circle Johanna standing on the arctic circle Going up on a ski lift at Ounasvaara
IMG 1381 IMG 1380 ... and then going back down in a sled Tuomas and Woodstock Tuomas keeping an eye on the grill
And Jane is keeping an eye on her tennis ball Minna's sauna Minna's home Tuomas watching Jane get ready for a nap IMG 1409
Johanna is ready for the mosquitoes Cabin in Sieväkari that we stayed at for a few nights in Lapland The sauna Johanna in her bed at the cabin View from the Kemijoki river back towards the cabin
Johanna and Tuomas playing hide-n-seek with Jane Going for a little hike to Juhannuskalliot View from the top of Juhannuskalliot The observation tower at Juhannuskalliot Writing in the visitor's log
Johanna on a tour of Rovaniemi Jätkänkynttilä bridge in Rovaniemi Huge piles of logs next to the train station IMG 1532 Johanna climbing into her bed on the train back to Tampere
Tuomas enjoying ice cream on the train ride On a ferry from downtown Helsinki to the Suomenlinna fortress IMG 1553 Johanna and Kaneli on the ferry Viking Line ships docked in front of Helsinki
At Suomenlinna Tuomas and Johanna sitting in an old bunker IMG 1588 IMG 1590 IMG 1598
Going back to downtown Helsinki IMG 1620 Johanna reading the latest Harry Potter book (number 6) on the train back to Tampere At the Tampere train station The road from Rimmi to Kuru (the nearest town)
Tuomas playing with his sailboat (which has lost its mast) Tuomas warming up in the sauna IMG 1679 The road from Rimmi towards Tampere Länsi-Teisko cemetery
Playing at the Copenhagen airport Flying back to Seattle IMG 1718