Vacation in Honolulu and Maui in February
Johanna in the hotel in Honolulu Johanna and Amy on a morning walk on the beach Johanna enjoying the sand of Waikiki beach Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background P1001478
P1001479 P1001480 Johanna took a picture of her dad! Tuomas resting in the hotel Back on the beach
P1001490 P1001491 P1001492 P1001498 P1001502
P1001497 View from the top of Diamond Head P1001504 Tunnel into the creater inside Diamond Head Waiting for a bus back to Honolulu
P1001508 P1001510 On our way to Maui: Honolulu from the air P1001514 Johanna at our condo in Maui
Waiting for dinner at the Lahaina Fish Company