Finland - Paris

Trip to Finland and France in July/August
Tuomas having fun in Rimmi Walking towards the Rimmi sauna Näsijärvi Mummi and Johanna picking blueberries Johanna and Tuomas at the Tuomarinkylä kartano with Jonne and Joanna
Tuomas playing in the water at Rimmi P1001696 Johanna at the Särkänniemi amusement park P1001706 Johanna waiting to go ride on a pony
P1001713 Playing Afrikan Tähti P1001733 Tuomas in his car seat in Lapland Minna's home in Rovaniemi
Visiting the home of Santa Clause On the arctic circle P1001743 Santa's village Cabin that Minna arranged for us close to Vanttauskoski, east of Rovaniemi (this is actually just one of the buildings)
Inside the main cabin Jane waiting for somebody to play with her Stopping while on our way to Kuusamo Visiting Pyhätunturi Walkiing up the hill under the skilift cables
P1001765 P1001767 Waiting for our flight to Paris at the Helsinki airport At Charles De Gaulle airport View from the top of the Sacre Coeur  Paris seen from the Sacre Coeur
P1001810 P1001814 Notre Dame Cathedral P1001831 P1001813
Tuomas taking a break in a small park close to the Notre Dame. It was very warm when we visited Paris. P1001827 P1001825 Johanna at the Paris Opera P1001842
P1001844 P1001845 Johanna in Paris Going on boat ride on the Seine P1001884
Johanna in the Louvre At the Copenhagen airport waiting for our flight back to Seattle