Johanna and Amy at SEA TAC waiting for our flight to Finland Johanna at the playground in front of Grandma's apartment in Nurmijärvi Raasepori Castle on the southern coast of Finland. It was built in the 1370s and is officially mentioned for the first time in a letter dated 1378. The castle was built on a rock that in the 14th century was probably surrounded by water. The castle’s greatest importance was probably in the area of trade. It was constructed on a sheltered location on the south coast, presumably to defend Swedish interests against the successful Hanseatic town Reval (Tallinna). Both Danish and Swedish troops, as well as more undefinable pirate fleets, fought over the command of the castle, which shows that the castle was regarded as an important base. On the so called Galgbacken (Gallows Hill) north of the castle ruins, bishop Hemming Gadh was executed in December 1520. That was Christian II getting even with his political opponents. When Gustavus Vasa seized power and made Ekenäs the center of administration in the province in 1528, Raasepori lost its strategic importance. It was abandoned in the 1550’s and laid deserted for more than 300 years. Raasepori experienced its heyday in the middle of the 15th century when (the expelled) king Karl Knutsson Bonde kept court in the castle on repeated occasions.
In the castle's courtyard Inside the castle DCP 0113 DCP 0115 DCP 0117
A view out from the castle The Muumi house in Muumimaailma Inside the Muumi house A view from the top floor of the Muumi house Johanna and mommy coming back from the Muumi dock
Going for a visit inside the Muumi boat It was very, very wet that day Johanna gets to greet Muumi Turku castle. It was founded on an island on the estuary of Aurajoki River in the 1280s as the administrative castle of the Swedish Crown. The castle was originally built in the form of a rectangular fortified camp. The fortified camp became a closed castle in the early 14th century, and the castle was divided into a main castle and bailey. Under the Swedish Duke Johan between 1556 and 1563, Turku Castle was renovated into a handsome renaissance castle; this is when its main features became the size they are today. In the 1630s the bailey became the official residence for Pietari Brahe, the governor general of Finland. In the late 18th century, after the county governor and Higher Regional Court had moved from the castle to town, the castle underwent significant changes. The bailey became a prison and the main castle became a granary. The castle functioned as a prison until the 1890s after which the historical museum was placed in the bailey. Turku Castle was badly damaged by the bombings in 1941. The fully repaired castle was opened to the public in 1961.
DCP 0152 A model of what the castle may have looked like in the 14th century Another model of the castle later Mummi, Johanna and mommy standing at a window in the castle DCP 0163
DCP 0165 DCP 0166 The church in the castle DCP 0170 DCP 0171
DCP 0172 DCP 0175 Map of south-western Finland showing the part of the Ahvenanmaa archipelago that we visited. Our route from the mainland to our cabing on the island of Kumlinge On a ferry going from Kustavi to Kumlinge. We had to take four different ferries to get to the island of Kumlinge.
DCP 0179 This is probably Brändö. We still had to drive through a long, skinny island and then take another ferry until we reached our destination. Johanna and Esko going fishing and exploring the next day On some little island we found Esko trying to catch dinner
DCP 0187 DCP 0188 View across the bay back to where our cabin was Mummi and Amy in the cabin that we rented Johanna asking for a story from mommy
Saint Anna's church in Kumlinge The church was built in the 15th century and has gone through a lot of changes during its life. Inside the church. The crucifix is from the 13th century. DCP 0200 DCP 0201
DCP 0203 DCP 0205 Waiting to get on the "ferry" to the town of Seglinge on another island DCP 0212 DCP 0214
Early departure from Kumlinge (around 5:30 AM) to get back to the mainland. DCP 0221 Long line of cars waiting for the ferry Back in Rimmi - here is the sauna building View towards the lake from the Rimmi sauna
Amy, Minna and Johanna in the Rimmi front yard Johanna with her aunt-Minna Päivi, Minna and Amy at a family reunion in Kurikka. The red building in the background is the house that my (Mikko's) dad grew up in. Going for a visit in the old house DCP 0250
DCP 0251 Mikko's "cousin-in-laws" Matti and Laura, Mikko's oldest uncle and aunt. DCP 0268 DCP 0274
Mikko and his cousin Riitta DCP 0276 DCP 0280 DCP 0284 DCP 0287
DCP 0291 DCP 0293 DCP 0297 DCP 0303 DCP 0307
DCP 0312 DCP 0316 Short visit to Estonia with Esko Tallinna (Estonia) DCP 0328
DCP 0330 DCP 0336 DCP 0339 DCP 0342 DCP 0345
DCP 0348 DCP 0351 DCP 0354 DCP 0358 DCP 0360
DCP 0361 DCP 0367 DCP 0370 DCP 0373 DCP 0376
DCP 0379 DCP 0380 DCP 0382 DCP 0383 DCP 0385
DCP 0386 DCP 0387 DCP 0389 DCP 0390 Jonathan and Johanna
Jonathan's sister Joanna DCP 0399 DCP 0400 Johanna playing with Eeva and Jussi at Jouni's cabin close to Lohja DCP 0409
Johanna playing at the Copenhagen airport while waiting for our flight to Seattle