Visiting Finland in late August (scanned slides)
Amy and Johanna at Senaatintori in Helsinki img007 Watching the news on TV of Princess Diana's death Erkki and Mira with Johanna img010
img015 Amy, Johanna and Minna Kerttu and mummi Johanna reaching for something img016
Kira on the path from the sauna to Rimmi Johanna walking past the old Männistö home in Kurikka img026 img021 img028
img029 img034 Amy, Johanna and Pirkko img022 Johanna in Rimmi with Kira
Johanna walking to the mailbox from Rimmi Helping mummi with her knitting img040 Johanna, Amy, mummi and Minna in the Rimmi kitchen img046
Johanna petting Kira img048 Visiting great-aunt Laura in Lapua Dancing with great-aunt Anna img050
Johanna and great-uncle Jorma Johanna going for a walk with mommy img060 img054 img055
img057 img058 img062 img067 img068
Johanna playing with the shoes of great-uncle Eero in Kampinkylä, Kurikka img073 Dad and Johanna Johanna is not happy about leaving Kurikka